Hose reels are trendy products. For this reason, numerous industries produce these products. When choosing the best one, it is always wise to consider one with a stable retractable system, good quality material, and stable design. The durability, cost, and brand reputation are also worth consideration. Hose reels are applied in a wide range of industries, including firefighting. This write-up focuses on firefighting hose reels and everything you need to know about them.

Hose reels in firefighting

Hose reels are an unpopular type of firefighting apparatus. The term unpopular is used because the devices are not highly recognized in the firefighting industry. However, numerous fire departments use hose reels for holding hydraulic hoses, airlines, water hoses, and electrical cabling. Firefighting hose reels are very flexible. This means that they can function for a wide range of uses.

Types of hose reels used in firefighting

Various types of hose reels can be applied in this industry. They include;

1. Air reels

Air reels are used to hold air hoses. As the name suggests, air hoses are used to transport air from the firetruck to the application area. Air hoses are commonly applied in firefighting, where air is applied in the place of water when fighting flames. The hose reels are used to keep these hoses safe and in place.

2. Hydraulic hose reels

In firefighting, hydraulic hoses are popularly used. Hydraulic hose reels are specially designed to withstand the tension within the hydraulic lines. They are coated with protective materials and can handle various hydraulic hoses, like thermoplastic and rubber hoses.

3. Emergency hose reels

These products are designed for a variety of emergencies like fire and rescue operations. Therefore, they are considered part of rescue tools. Emergency hose reels are designed to withstand class A fires. This means that they can withstand fire and are made from combustible materials. Emergency hose reels also commonly feature mounting brackets with ball valves. This design element helps ensure immediate water or chemical supply depending on the application.

4. Waterline hose reels

These hose reels are used to hold water lines. In firefighting, water lines are commonly used to put off fires. Waterline hose reels are typically designed to handle the pressure within the hose reel. They can also withstand the weight of the hose reel.

5. How hose reels are set up in firefighting

Naturally, firefighting hose reels are usually installed on the firefighting trucks. Most of the time, they are installed in the coffin compartments on the top left side of the firefighting trucks. The location is ideal because it allows for easy access to the hoses. They can also be set up in the rear of the tricks. In some cases, the rescue reels can be mounted on the compartment walls, ceilings, and truck floors.

Characteristics of firefighting hose reels

  • High-quality material
  • Easy application
  • Large capacity
  • Ease of installation


Most hose reels used in firefighting are made from heavy-duty materials. These products are highly beneficial in this industry because they allow the firefighters to respond faster and not waste time putting off fires.


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