The new Huawei piece, the Huawei Watch 3, has caught public attention, and we are excited to tell you everything about it. Knowing the Huawei brand and its new operating system – Harmony OS 2.0, there is a lot to expect from the new smartwatch. This article will provide you with enough information about the product in case you want to buy the Huawei Watch 3.

Pros of the Huawei Watch 3 Smart Watch

The Huawei Watch 3 is controlled by a touch-sensitive screen with a high response, a 360 rotatable crown, and a side button for easy navigation. You can rotate the crown to access on-screen features and volume controls.

Although the body is still circular, the new model has a rounded slick screen that gives it a classic look and feel, while the incredible 1.43 OLED display creates a brightness that makes it easy for you to see what is on the screen, even under the full glare of the sunlight.

When you talk about the apps, that is where the Huawei Watch 3’s ultra sleekness comes to play. With the addition of a grid launcher to the UI, interacting with each app feels wholly natural and smooth. The apps are organized in a clear, easy-to-navigate grid display.

You can stream music from the Huawei App, control the music playlist, and sync it directly to your headphones. The Huawei Watch 3 also works on its own, and with the eSIM, you have access to a 4G connection.

Cons of the Huawei Watch 3 Smart Watch

With all the benefits of the new Huawei Watch 3, there are yet some cons of the Huawei smartwatch brand that carries over with it. One reason why the smartwatch disappointed a lot of people is the release timing, seeing as it was not the best timing for the release in most people’s opinion.

Also, with the new watch, you can only receive static notifications, as it doesn’t allow you to interact with them. Moreover, you have to wait for a while before you can see previews of notifications.

You can receive messages from apps like Telegram, and you can also pick calls, but this can also get tricky – replying is quite challenging.

Installing the Huawei Health App might be a little hard if you do not have a Huawei phone. This is because syncing the watch to your phone to the Huawei app cannot be done from Google Play. You must, instead, download the Huawei App Gallery and then install Huawei Health. Getting this app means you have first to download an APK file, register with Huawei, download a new file, agree and accept additional permissions, after which you have to provide location and notification access, and more.

Essentially, you have to go through a lot to get the Huawei Health app, which can be quite tasking for many people.

Another con of the Huawei Watch 3 is that there is no mobile payment system. This means that you cannot use Google Pay to make payments on the watch.


The Huawei Watch 3 has its perks compared to the earlier models, but it still has some catching up to do in few areas. Hopefully, as Huawei continues to release more in the series, we might see some improvements.


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