Want to give your car that enviable neat sparkle, give us a call today and get a 2 year warranty for your high-quality hose. With the perfect hose, you are sure to give your car the perfect hand wash.

This way you pay attention to details, unlike what is obtainable when you have your car washed automatically by a random washer guy. Don’t be afraid to get all wet in the process. It could be a lot of fun, especially if you do it with a loved one.

Basic Steps for a Proper Car Wash

1. Be prepared

The preparation process includes parking your car at the right spot and getting the essential equipment ready. Generally, the best place to wash your car is in a place where you have a lot of space and easy access to water.

Such a place must be in a shady spot preferably inside the garage. It is not healthy to wash your car under the heat of the sun. Endeavor to get all supplies and equipment ready beforehand. It makes the process less time-consuming.

2. Give the car a good rinse

This should be done systematically, working your way from up to down. Make sure you use a good hose. This will ensure a regular and steady supply of water.

Rinse the car tires and rims too. While doing this, scrub the wheels vigorously to remove clumps of dirt that get stuck to the wheels of the car. Make sure you get in between the threads for an effective wash.

3. Apply soap

After you are done rinsing out excess dust and dirt, apply soap to deal with the more stubborn stains. Before soaping, the car should be divided into three or four sections.

This division will enable you to work on separate parts of the car at a time. Again work from up to down. Soak a fluffy sponge into your bucket filled with soapy water and scrub the car surface with it.

Endeavor to get rid of every spec of dirt on the sponge before washing. If you fail to do this, dirt on the sponge, especially the hard ones, might end up messing with your car paint.

Next spray your car with your hose. Using your hose reel with your hose will make things much easier.

4. Pay attention to splatters and droppings

Some stains, for instance, bug splatters and droppings are more difficult to remove than others. Another bad news is that they can easily ruin your car paint if you are not careful while scrubbing them.

To get rid of this stubborn stain, apply splatter-specific cleaner. Let it sink in for a few minutes, then scrub off with a clean towel.

5. Dry Up

This is the last and one of the most important steps. Drying should be done immediately and quickly using a microfiber towel. It should also be done in sections the same way you did when washing the car.

If you allow your car to dry using pure air only, don’t be surprised when you see smudges all over.


A lot of car owners do not know how to take care of their cars properly. The result of this is that such cars will constantly develop faults and soon they will fail. To avoid this last regret, why not give your car the tender love and affection it needs. You might think it would cost a bit of your time but trust me, the results are immeasurable.


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