There is a need to have a reliable air hose to maintain stable air pressure. Nowadays, there are different air hoses on the market. As a result, it becomes challenging to choose the best one. It does not matter whether you are using your compressor professionally or at home; you should get a high-quality air hose. The following are some of the vital things you should Know more when choosing an air hose.


You should note that the length of the hose affects the performance and usability of the air tool. For instance, you can buy a 100 ft hose and reach all areas you want. However, a longer hose is equally heavy and bulky. Moreover, you are likely to lose more air pressure. It is advisable to consider your need for the air hose before buying. For instance, if you need it for spraying paint in your workshop, you need a longer hose for easy navigation. Make sure you balance between pressure loss and maneuverability.


You should note that the internal diameter is the one used to measure the size of an air hose. Ideally, a large hose will carry more air than a smaller hose. You need to consider the CFM requirement of the compressor or air tool you use. If the CFM rating is higher, then you should get a larger diameter. Remember that the diameter has an impact on the overall hose weight.


You should pay attention to the material used to make the hose. That is because the material determines the flexibility of the air hose. You can find air hoses made of PVC, rubber, and polyurethane. PVC hoses tend to kink and coil. Nevertheless, the material is easy to carry, and it is lightweight. It is meant for medium-duty usage. It is preferable over rubber due to the reduced weight. You should get a PVC air hose if you are on a budget.

Rubber air hose is known to provide excellent resistance to abrasion. It does not kink, and it is durable. However, it is the heaviest air hose you can find. This type of material is not suitable for use in cold temperatures. You can use it for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Regular or Recoil

The standard air hose is flat and does not have any bends. This means you can wrap your hose into different loops for adequate storage. Also, you can mount it in a hose reel and mount it on a wall. The recoil hose has regular twists as the case with telephone wires. The twists are meant to make the air hose shrink back for storage. The choice depends on individual application and preference.

Connectors and Fittings

You can purchase your air hose fitted with connectors or nozzles. The setup allows for attaching the hose to your air supply system. Moreover, you can link up additional hoses. Having a reliable and durable connection is important to ensure safe and efficient air usage, whether you are a professional user or an amateur. Only choose fittings and connectors that meet the required industry standards.


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