As a chef, owning a boning knife is regarded as a necessity. But one factor that every chef should not neglect is that the importance of this kitchen tool demands that it be stored properly to preserve the tool for more extended periods. A boning knife that is properly cared for continues to serve and deliver top-notch cuts for an extended period without compromising its sharpness and effectiveness.

This article highlights ways a chef can properly care for the boning knife, giving the chef a sharp knife to work with for quality and satisfactory results in the kitchen.

Reasons For Choosing A Knife Storage

  1. Easy Access: When choosing to store boning knives, the chef should consider choosing a spot where the knives are readily and easily accessible for use.
  2. Kitchen Safety: The spot where the boning knives are stored should be chosen while prioritizing kitchen safety. If the kitchen is found in a place with kids, the chef should store the boning knife where the kids can not reach it.

How To Properly Store A Boning Knife

There are various ways to store boning knives, but the ways contained in this article are the most common and safest ways of storing boning knives while preserving their qualities for the long term. They are:

  1. A Knife Bag: This is a prevalent means of storing boning knives that offer mobility. In this kind of storage, the chef can easily carry his boning knives to any job location without fear of suffering any injury. The knife bag comes in different materials ranging from plastic to synthetic fiber and even clothing. This bag is very beneficial because it offers portability, security, and compatibility. It is an excellent way to store your boning knives.
  2. Blade Protector: This form of storage is mostly used alongside other storage mechanisms. It is not an independent form of storage. Blade protectors are used for covering the boning knife’s blade, and the knife is then placed into a knife bag or in-drawer storage. These blade protectors come in different designs and are mostly made from cardboard or rubber. It also comes in different sizes and shapes depending on the type of boning knife used.
  3. Magnetic knife holder: This form of storage offers easy access and prioritizes kitchen safety. It comes in different sizes and can accommodate different types of boning knives. The magnetic holder can be placed on walls, cupboards, and cabinets.
  4. Countertop Docks: This is another form that optimizes kitchen safety while providing easy access and beauty to the kitchen. Countertops come in two forms, mainly pre-sized and universal docks; the pre-sized docks are designed for a specific size of boning knives, and hence, when bought, come with the knives they were made for. The universal docks are designed to house different sizes of knives. Thus, they do not come with any size of knife.


In general, when storing boning knives, the chef should consider if the form of storage grants easy and ready access to the boning knife when needed and stores the boning knife in a way that makes the kitchen any safer. Luckily these are the best storage forms for any boning knife.


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