There are several TV boxes in the market; evpad is one of them. EVPAD was developed in 2015. It is now in its 6th year of operation, and it is also the TV box brand that is most trending. Among all the smart TV brands in the market, EVPAD is among the most established. It has the best movie VOD function and TV line. Ever since the EVPAD TV box development, there have been many advancements made on the TV BOX. This article wishes to enlighten you on the EVPAD TV box best sellers.

EVPAD TV box best sellers

1. EVPAD TV box 5S

The EVPAD TV box 5S is the first-ever voice-activated AI TV box worldwide. It contains more than one thousand free live channels and free movies. The EVPAD TV box 5S does not have any monthly charges. Sports fans are favored with the HD broadcast, where they can watch sports live and for free. After purchase, the EVPAD TV box 5S is processed within 1 to 2 days and shipped in about three to five working days. It is available at $ 156.99

2. EVPAD TV box 5P

EVPAD 5P is also among the first voice-activated AI TV box. It is very colorful; therefore, it fills your home with a bright atmosphere. The picture quality of an EVPAD 5P TV box is very high. Also, its performance rate is relatively high. The EVPAD 5P TV box is available at $ 196.99. The box also offers more than one thousand channels at no extra monthly cost.

3. EVPAD TV box 5 Max

The EVPAD TV box 5 max is available at $ 266.99. It has a powerful processor of eight-core SOC with an excellent memory 128G. The EVPAD TV box 5 max also comes with a voice assistant.

4. Eplay 3R TV box

The Eplay 3R Tv box is a high-performing TV box with an octa-core master chip. The Eplay 3r is among the best Android smart TV box available worldwide. It is meant for Chinese who are overseas but not limited to them. It provides high-quality pictures, and DOLBY surrounds sound. It is available at $ 139.99

5. EVPAD 3S Smart TV box

The EVPAD 3S smart TV box is available at a reasonable price. It has high quality, low latency, and high performance. In addition, the picture quality is 6k, therefore provides you with high-quality pictures. It is available at $129.99.

6. EVPAD 3 Pro smart TV box

It is available at $ 149.99. The EVPAD 3 pro smart TV BOX offers no monthly charges. In addition, it provides quality pictures and DOBLY surround sound.

7. EVPAD 3 Plus smart TV box

It is available at $ 169.99. It has quality 6k pictures, and movie channels are available for free.

8. EVPAD 3 Max IPTV Box

The EVPAD 3 Max IPTV box is high picture quality and high-performance TV box. It offers free global channels and is available at $ 209.99.


It offers free IPTV channels for free. It is available at $ 149.99

10. EVBOX 4 PLUS Android box

The EVBOX 4 plus is available at a very affordable price. It allows you to watch over a thousand channels at no monthly cost. It is available at $ 169.99


From the above, you can see that EVPAD has a lot of choices. When purchasing, get a TV box that meets your needs and your budget. Remember, your choice will determine the type of enjoyment you will get.


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