Whether you are concealing hair loss or just want to try a new look altogether, lace wigs have revolutionized our relationship with hair. The hair business has grown mainly because of these wigs. Currently, there are so many varieties based on different factors. If you want a frontal wig, you might just realize that you have so many options to choose from that you do not know where to start. To help you decide. It would help you know what the criteria are when it comes to the type of lace wigs in the market. Here are the basic categories.

The type of lace

One of the main categories used to classify a wig is the type of lace used. The quality and transparency of the lace will determine the name given to the wig. Here are the main types in this category:

1. Lace front wig

The lace front is the common type of lace wig used. The area from ear to ear is measured then the partition is added to it. The two sizes in this category are 13*4 and 13*6.

2. 360 lace wig

This wig is designed with lace all around it. It creates the illusion that the hair is growing naturally from your scalp. You can tie it up in a ponytail since the hair at the back will not be exposed.

3. Full lace wig

If you are looking for the most realistic wig, then you should go for this. While the 360 might have a natural look, this is the most realistic of them all and can be styled in whatever way you deem fit.

Transparency of the wig

The other category that is used when talking about wigs is the transparency of the wig. The name of the wig is based on the type of wig cap and lace used. Here are the main categories.

1. Ordinary lace wig

With this type of ace, it is mainly brown. Even with a partition, most people see the wig cap and know that it is not actual skin. To help with it, you can bleach the roots so they resemble the scalp.

2. Transparent lace wig

With the transparent lace wig, the lace used on the wig cap is transparent and almost impossible to see. However, since it has a slight thickness to it, you can see it on a person’s head if you look carefully.

3. HD lace wig

HD lace wig is one of the most commonly used laces in the market at the moment. It is made from light Swiss lace and is almost invisible when placed against the skin. Most clients prefer it when buying wigs at the moment because you get to wear it and not look like you have anything on. The only issue with it is, it is more on the pricier side.

Last thoughts

With all these wigs in the market, there’s a chance that you will be spoilt for choice. Taking your time and doing your research is the only way to get a wig that will work for you. Do not rush to the first wig you see. Look around, then settle on one that works for you.


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